8X10 Prints Can Be Great To Display In A Home Or Office

10 November 2021
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When some people hear of art pieces, they immediately think of a very large painting or portrait that would be displayed as a focal point, often on an otherwise bare wall. However, larger-sized portraits aren't the only great works of art to display in a home or office. Here is why smaller, 8x10 pieces of art can be so remarkable to display. 

Smaller rooms require smaller art pieces

If you are looking for artwork for a smaller space, such as a bedroom or a smaller-sized office space, then you aren't going to be looking for those large-size pieces to display on the wall. You can create a nice display on the wall that incorporates a number of 8x10s. The considerable thing about this size is you can display the number of them that works best in the space. This way, you don't end up overwhelming the space, but you also don't end up displaying too little artwork, which can leave a space looking cold, sterile, and unwelcoming. 

Desks can be great places to add some art

While it is delightful to have some paintings or portraits on the walls, it can also be wonderful to have some displayed in other areas throughout the space as well. For instance, you can display one or two prints on the desk. The best way to do this is to have a couple of prints made from some of your favorite paintings and have them professionally framed. Then, you will be able to set them right on the desk where you can appreciate them from a closer vantage point. 

Shelves can display art nicely

One more place that's made for displaying things and can display your art wonderfully are shelves. Shelves are great for displaying artwork because they are at a nice level that makes them catch the attention of people's eyes when they enter the room. 8x10s are generally a perfect size to display framed prints on. The way you decide to display them will be up to you. Some people will display a single print in the center of a shelf, with other items along the shelf. Other people sometimes decide to display as many 8x10s along the shelves as can fit, with enough space between them for each piece to be admired. 

If you are looking for some fabulous 8x10 prints of portraits to display somewhere, it's important to consider your options. To learn more, contact a company like The Rus Gallery.